Why investing in real estate in barcelona…

The past few years, Spain faces an economic crisis, which led to a significant decline in the prices of real estate. The price of many apartments are in the past years below their real value. This is an excellent chance to invest in Real Estate and enjoy the opportunity to make a good deal as this is the opportunity, which may or may not happen again. We must note that the acquisition of real estate it is recommended not anywhere in Spain. Because of the difficult economic situation of the country, in some regions many of the apartments are empty, and investors cannot achieve what they are looking for. Despite the fact that the cost of the real estate has decreased in recent years and, consequently, the prices of rent, in Barcelona for example are still high. The trend to move to Barcelona has not changed and today the average cost of an apartment in the heart of the city is 14 euro per 1m². Barcelona, along with London, the most visited by tourists in Europe – about 8 million tourists a year. Over the past few years, sharply increased the trend toward the use of apartments for holidaymakers. In the summer season, a small, fully equipped apartment with an area of 40 square meters in the center of the city, you can rent out to tourists at a price of about 100-120 euros a day. In the summer there is a great demand for apartments for tourists, but many tourists come to the city and its´area even during the winter period. There are investors, who prefer to rent an apartment for students or young people who come to Barcelona for work. They know that tenants living in an apartment for a long time, retain it, and will make their payments on time each month. A large number of universities, located literally on every corner, attracting many students and young people who do not find work at their cities and decide moving to Barcelona to start their studies and new career.


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