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We are a modern company, offering a variety of services on the real estate market. Our staff is composed exclusively of highly skilled professionals with a master’s degree obtained from the University of Barcelona, with extensive knowledge in the field of real estate in the city and outside the city. Our lawyers take care of the legal security of purchased property and conduct the test objects. Architects, engineers and designers with an impeccable reputation are expert assessments of each of the property, the usefulness of purchase and investment. We will provide you with a personalized service, reliable, uncompromising and corresponding to the highest and most demanding international standards. We make the usual deal with real estate in much more than “just deal”, – the significant strategic and economic stimulus. We have extensive relationships with leading companies in the field of real estate in Barcelona, public and municipal sectors, as well as relationships with first-class specialists in this area, including engineers, architects, lawyers, advertisers and, of course, we have a huge database of apartments, offices, shopping centers, residential real estate in the primary and secondary markets.

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